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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kenzuki's Kingdom - Book Review

In this book there are two main characters, Michael and Kanzuki.  Michael and his family had always wanted to tour the world.  So they sold their house and bought a boat.  When out at seat, Michael was kicking his football around the ball went overboard so Michael dived in the water after it but he whacked his head and was out cold.  When he woke up he looked around and grabbed and floated on his ball till he got to an island where he saw a man.

This man was Kanzuki. Kanzuki is a man who was on a Japanese boat in World War II.  After being bombed everyone died apart from Kanzuki so Kanzuki was made to go to the island for sixty plus years.  Until one day looking out to sea he saw Michael.

After years of living there he started to build a kingdom and at last they were saved


  1. Well done Ben, you've made a very good summary of the plot of the book.

  2. I love how you explained this book. I think next time you should always proof read before you post something on your blog.

  3. that is an awesome book review