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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fitness is key to my job,it puts my body to the test.
Strength can also be key at times,weather is to keep going or to get into a dogfight.
My body can be battered and bruised a lot and I will be over sea at months at a time.

25/4/21 I was convoying through Afghanistan in a humvee with Bravo company.
We had to be on the lookout for hostile people that are causing harm all innocent people and to who help 
We sleep in old buildings with men on Watch for shadows lurking through the dark,people are always asking me how I sleep at night knowing that I could die in a split second.

Many people in my job I have seen losing their legs or arms and at last resort death.
Some poorly equipped men who fight for freedom and support us time times with our actions.

In my job we don't just go places guns blazing,we also go and help with the disaster relief by building shelters and providing clean food and water to New Zealand and foreign soil.

join the
NEW ZEALAND ARMY - Ngati tumatauenga

Monday, 3 August 2015

1941 war was declared.Tanks ,trucks and soldiers were everywhere. War torn USA was ugly. It was ugly to see young women and men being loaded in trucks to go away and fight, my time was near,I was skinny,tall and I wasn't really good at anything,so what would they won't with me.
A loving couple together life.

I said goodbye to my glamorous wife. She wouldn't let me go. Tears left her eyes to run into her hands, she fell to her knees as I was load into a Truck ,but we were told that seventeen year olds were too young but they took us anyway.

As a young medic, I was put in a tent with a squad of soldiers . Now in a tent the  I was always thinking about home. The tent had a rip from bullets tearing it apart from a previous attack.a little flash of the blue sky,although it was beautiful I was always thinking to myself that nothing was more beautiful than the blue of my wife's eyes.

Me along with thirteen soldiers were loaded into a plane,thirteen,thirteen families depending on me to bring their boys back,thirteen. I was now part of the vanguard (first to go). The green light was flashing,it was time to jump,we had a count down.

"Thirteen ok"
"Twelve ok"

At that point we were shot to pieces,the right wing was down I had to jump.

I woke up on the ground I had a gun to my head,two enemy's had me at point black range.
I reached for my gun,it was gone. Then I saw my sergeant in the tree he was looking over the enemy ready to take the shot,the enemy was yelling,two clean shots through their heads I then said

" nice shot sarge"

The Sergeant then said

"It wasn't me" 

I look up nothing . A third shot what taken, a German fell from a tree.  The mountain rifles were covering us from a hill,they looked horrible. Blood,sweat,tears and bodies were all around them. From the horizon Anzac  ships were sending hundreds of shells over the German position,one minute they were there,next minute they were gone.crisp bodies lay in the mud and in tank tracks. I fired my first shot,it hit a German in the neck, the gilt went down my spine,his blood was in my hands,he died in my arms. I fell unconscious.

25/4/15 I was playing the piano,my hands still remember the rifle,my time was near,I was going to see my brothers. I'm always thinking I should of gone with my brothers,my thirteen brothers.the dawn service was on,the guns went off,my heart  cried out.



WISHES TO go to Hollywood and play batman in a movie.
DREAMS OF playing soccer at the Fifa World Cup.
WANTS  TO BE a New Zealand army soldier in Afghanistan.  
WONDERS ABOUT  what he will be like as an adult.
FEARS  death when he thinks about it- it could be his time any time.
IS AFRAID OF dying a gross death from falling.
LIKES to always be outside playing a good game of soccer.
BELIEVES in ghosts and all that supernatural kind of stuff.
LOVES to play soccer and be in very dangerous places.
PLANS TO go to Hollywood and have a very long holiday.