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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

                                                             Bridge to Terabithia

Chapter (1)
Jesse Oliver Aarons. JR

This chapter is about the character being introduced to the reader.
What I have picked up from Jess is that he likes  to run.
It  also tells us about how the family is poor, is tells us that they are poor from reading between the lines when it says / that they can't spare even five dollars. The setting is a sad,typical

Chapter (2)
Leslie Burke

In this chapter is introduced another character named Leslie Burke, Leslie Burke is a girl that recently moved next door to Jess, one thing that I've  picked up for reading about Leslie is that her family was rich but wanted to have a normal life

Chapter (3)
The fastest kid in fifth grade

In this chapter its about a race. In their race they have many heats and the people who are the slowest leave till there was only a handful of people left till Leslie won

Chapter (4)
Rulers of Terabithia

Leslie tells Jess why they moved the the town, Leslie say they moved there because they're family had the good life and so they moved to have what's Important / also they find a forest out the back of their houses Leslie and Jess find an old abandoned rope leading into the forest Leslie swings on it and describes it as being like a cloud, then she say that this could be their own special place and calls it "Terabithia" last of all they found a good place to make castle/stronghold/house.

Chapter (5)

The giant killers

The point of this chapter is that Leslie and Jess want revenge on Janice avery by writing a love note to meet her after school but never show up.

Chapter (6)

The coming of prince Terabithia

The main point of this chapter is it's coming up to Christmas and Jess is trying to find a present for Leslie, then one day Jess find a free dog to adoption, finally Jess and Leslie meet in terabithia and Jess gives Leslie the dog

Chapter (7)

The golden room

The main point of this chapter is that Jess and Leslie are at Leslie's house panting a new colour to a room, Jess and Leslie see Janice avery crying and find out that she get hurt by her father a lot

For me this chapters was funny because it was good to see some change to the school

Chapter (8)


The main point of this chapter is that Jess and his family are going to church,Leslie and Jess talk about church, Leslie really like it and said that is better than a movie

This chapter was really short and not much happened

Chapter (9)

The evil spell

The main point of this chapter is that Leslie feels like there is an  evil spell on Terabithia, then terabithia starts pouring rain

For me this chapter was kind of boring

Chapter (10)

The perfect day

The main point of this chapter is the miss Edmunds invited Jess to go to the gallery and while Jess is away Leslie dies.

For me this chapter I had mixed feelings about the fact that Jess is away having fun but then Leslie dies.

Chapter (11)


The main point of this chapter is just Jess won't except that Leslie is gone and keeps thinking that's it His (Jess) folt that she died because Jess wasn't there when Leslie needed him most

For me this chapter was sad

Chapter (12)


The main point of this chapter Is when Jess goes to Leslie's funeral and Bill and Jess start to become good friends

Chapter (13)

Building the bridge

The main point of this chapter is that Jess finally builds the bridge to terabithia by using Leslie's parents leftover surplus from their house, when done Jess makes his sister the queen of

I like this chapter because Jess still has Terabithia even knowing that Leslie is gone and it's what Leslie would have wanted


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