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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fitness is key to my job,it puts my body to the test.
Strength can also be key at times,weather is to keep going or to get into a dogfight.
My body can be battered and bruised a lot and I will be over sea at months at a time.

25/4/21 I was convoying through Afghanistan in a humvee with Bravo company.
We had to be on the lookout for hostile people that are causing harm all innocent people and to who help 
We sleep in old buildings with men on Watch for shadows lurking through the dark,people are always asking me how I sleep at night knowing that I could die in a split second.

Many people in my job I have seen losing their legs or arms and at last resort death.
Some poorly equipped men who fight for freedom and support us time times with our actions.

In my job we don't just go places guns blazing,we also go and help with the disaster relief by building shelters and providing clean food and water to New Zealand and foreign soil.

join the
NEW ZEALAND ARMY - Ngati tumatauenga

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